Mount Isa Airport joins the programme!

21 February 2018

Mount Isa Airport is now certified for Mapping their CO2 emissions within Airport Carbon Accreditation. Their successful adhesion to the programme marked a milestone for Queensland Airports Limited, ISA’s operator: all four airports owned by the company are part of AirportCO2 Community. Well done!

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Melbourne Airport becomes Carbon Accredited!

20 February 2018

Melbourne Airport is committed to tackling climate change! The airport’s work on mitigating emissions was recognised with a certificate at Level 1 Mapping of Airport Carbon Accreditation.

To check out Melbourne Airport’s work on reducing their emissions and their plans for the future, hop to:

Budapest Airport renews at Level 3 Optimisation

20 February 2018

Budapest Airport is on top of their game in cooperating with stakeholders through their Greenairport Program
This unique partnership of companies has one goal: further reducing the environmental impact of the airport - while mastering Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation

Marrakech Menara and Casablanca Mohammed V Airports renew their certification

14 February 2018

Two airports implemented by ONDA (Morrocan Airports Authority) just renewed their Airport Carbon Accreditation. Marrakech Menara and Casablanca Mohammed V Airports are at mapping their CO2 emissions. Well done! 

Eindhoven Airport renews at Level 3+ Neutrality

13 February 2018

We are delighted to announce that Eindhoven Airport renewed its carbon neutral status within AirportCO2 Community! The second busiest airport in the Netherlands is a leading example of sustainability work. 

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