Independent Third Party Verification

As part of the Airport Carbon Accreditation application process, each airport's carbon footprint, and, according to the accreditation level chosen, the airports carbon management and stakeholder plans, must be independently verified by a third party before consideration by the programme administrator WSP. Such verification can only be undertaken by verifiers who meet certain threshold qualifications and who have successfully followed a programme webinar, and passed the associated on line written examination.  If successful, such verifiers are listed as approved verifiers for the purposes of the programme. A full list of approved verifiers is viewable here.

The process for becoming a verifier is as follows:

1) Any prospective verifier must provide evidence of their credentials for carrying out ISO 14064-3 verifications as well as evidence if any (or comparable experience) of any work carried out for airports specifically. This can be done in the form of CV.

2) All prospective verifiers must then complete a programme webinar provided by the Administrator. Prospective verifiers are considered to be any individuals who have not carried out any Airport Carbon Accreditation verification before. Additionally, any approved verifier who has not carried out any verification under the programme within two calendar years following the award of their approved status and who wishes to retain their approved status, must re-take the webinar and associated examination, to keep up to date with programme changes. 

3) As of March 2015 the verifier webinar is now being offered as a downloadable recorded video, available for one week from it being provided, unless otherwise arranged with the Administrator. Any individual interested in becoming an approved verifier should contact the Administrator through the Airport Carbon Accreditation Help Desk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

4) The verifier webinar is followed by an on-line written examination which is normally taken within one week of the webinar unless otherwise arranged with the Administrator due to business or other commitments. All prospective verifiers must pass this examination.

5) When a prospective verifier has met these requirements he/she will then be listed individually on the Airport Carbon Accreditation website as an approved verifier.

6) The fee for application as an approved verifier is €300 per person, invoiced and paid in advance of the webinar. A discount of 15% per person may apply if up to 3 people from the same firm become approved within the same month, and by prior arrangement with the Administrator. Equally, a discount of 25% per person will apply if 4 or more people from the same firm become approved within a 3 month period, by prior arrangement with the Administrator. 

7) Approved Verifiers are listed individually and by organisation on the Airport Carbon Accreditation website - on this page.